Sound - CreatorImageAndMediaWorks

Sound has been a part of Creator Image and MediaWorks' DNA since the very beginning.  A film is not complete or approved unless the sound is as excellent as the visuals of a project.

Having sound as a separate part of the company is unique as CIMW offers sound and scoring services to our clients.  In simple terms, CIMW can place licensed music to your video project.  In film, the music is called a "score."  While we don't write and record music at CIMW, we have an extensive library of music and sound effects that can add that professional touch to your video project.  Please contact us for more information regarding our sound projects.

Creator Image and MediaWorks partnered with Ten Gun Designs of Edmonds, WA to create the final product for Microsoft's XBOX 1 music streaming service.  Ten Gun produced all the visuals in the series while CIMW researched, edited, and added the music for the project.  The completed vids are being used in kiosks at retailers such as, Best Buy, Target, and Walmarts across the country.